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In an urgent response to the dire financial needs of Christopher's Haven, Publik Draft House (PDH) is launching a critical fundraising initiative to prevent the closure of this vital Atlanta charity. Christopher's Haven, dedicated to providing a supportive home for families of children undergoing cancer treatment, urgently needs to raise $10,000 to continue its operations and secure future funding.

From April 26, 2024, through May 31, 2024, Publik Draft House will host a series of fundraising events, featuring a selection of special cocktails designed to support this crucial cause. "We are facing a critical moment for Christopher’s Haven. Without immediate financial support, they risk having to close their doors permanently," said Costazno Astarita, Owner of PDH.

In addition to the immediate goal of raising $10,000, the campaign aims to establish a foundation for future funding and attract long-term donors to ensure the sustainability of Christopher’s Haven. "This initiative is not only about addressing immediate needs but also about building a stable future for this essential charity," added Astarita.

Guests are encouraged to participate by visiting Publik Draft House, enjoying specialty cocktails, and making direct donations. Every contribution counts significantly towards reaching the $10,000 goal and beyond, ensuring that Christopher's Haven can continue to support families in need.

For more information on the fundraising event, visit or contact:

Kristi Jones,, 404.885.7505

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