A Bourbon Stroll with Atlanta Bar Crawls

“As I ascended the stairs to the private room of Midtown’s Publik Draft House, I was uncertain what lay in store for the night.

I had just arrived to the Bourbon Bar Stroll presented by Atlanta Bar Crawls. The event was billed as a “stroll” but, given my past experience, I know there is a fine line between strolling and crawling, especially when bourbon is involved.

One thing was certain–the ambiance of exposed brick and warmly lit wooden chairs and tables seemed to be an ideal setting for a whiskey tasting.

We took our seats, and chef Tom Hall gave us a run down of the menu that he had prepared for the evening. Then Randall Roberts, our Four Roses ambassador, led us through the pairings while giving an account of the distiller’s intriguing history.

Four Roses has had quite a ride. It went from being one of Americas most important distilleries after prohibition to a maker of cheap, bottom-shelf blended whiskey in the later half of the 20th century. Up until recently, the bourbon that Four Roses produced was strictly exported oversees. Only after the company was acquired by the Kirin Brewery Company in 2002 would the bourbon once again be available in the U.S.

Since that time, the company has been working tirelessly to restore the Four Roses name back to its former glory. The company takes great pride in its process and in its ingredients, which include non-gmo corn. Four Roses’s meticulous attention to detail can be tasted in their whiskeys.”

Special thanks to Brian Kavanagh from for the write up. Click here for the full article.

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